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Why trust us

Why MARKAGAIN - First Class Second Chances

Management & Resale Process

      Demand and supply assessment

    • Privileged view of the trends of supply and demand of luxury goods in different markets
    • Knowledge of the technical specifications of luxury goods
    • Experience in determining the commercial value of pre-owned luxury goods in relation to the scheduled time of resale

      Close to our clients

    • Commercial presence through a user friendly web platform
    • Attendance to prestigious luxury fairs and boat shows all over the world
    • MARKAGAIN events throughout the year to communicate the main commercial news
    • Worldwide network of selected high professional brokers
    • Sales team of proven expertise

      Goods available for tests and trials

    • Goods housed in marines, shipyards, showrooms and depots on the whole Italian territory
    • Goods always ready to be viewed and tested by clients

      Safe resale process

    • Purchase process perfected by more than 200 completed transactions in the last two years
    • Full client assistance on contractual and tax
    • Secure payments through the use of escrow accounts
    • Seamless coordination of goods delivery and export practices