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The “Made in Italy” brand in the world

The “Made in Italy” brand is considered to be a guarantee of quality, safety and reliability.

But how much is the ‘Made in’ (i.e. the country of origin) important for a brand in order to be strong? What are the most influential ‘Made in’s’ globally? How is this concept defined by consumers?

A study carried out by FutureBrand answers these questions, taking into consideration 140 countries and consumers from all over the world.

The most significant factors that influence the consumers purchasing decisions are the following (in order of importance):

  1. safety,
  2. country of origin,
  3. country of the project,
  4. manufacturing country.

More traditional factors (such as price, availability and style) seem to have less influence.

Consumers are already careful when it comes to choose among different brands according to the country of origin. Therefore, the ‘Made in’ is a real decision factor, as long as it is authentic.


Successful ‘Made in’ factors

The strength of the ‘Made in’ is based on the performance that the country of origin is able to show in four different strategic areas:

  1. Authenticity: offering unique goods and services which are linked to the distinctive story and geography of the country;
  2. Differentiation: standing out from the competitors thanks to the country’s approach and cultural heritage;
  3. Quality of the standards: showing off skills, self-confidence, productive excellence, and transparence;
  4. Expertise: either being identified as the best one in a category or creating a unique and well-known service.

If these four key factors are combined with each other, they can make the country’s ‘Made in’ a powerful engine of differentiation for its respective brand.


The global ranking of the ‘Made in’s’

The worldwide strongest and best-known ‘Made in’ is the Made in USA, followed by France, Germany, and Japan. The “Made in Italybrand ranks fifth on the global raking, which is an excellent achievement.

However, the significance and the strength of the ‘Made in’ varies according to the different product categories. As a matter of fact, the “Made in Italybrand ranks fourth in the worldwide automotive industry (after Germany, Japan, and the United States), and third in the luxury industry (after Switzerland and France). The Italian brand is successful in other major industries as well, such as fashion, food, and personal care.

The influence that the “Made in Italy brand has over these different industries is a further note of success. Indeed, the best reputation that a ‘Made in’ can reached is strictly connected with the excellence that a country is able to show in more than one category of products.


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