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Company Profile

Cerved is the Italian leader in credit risk analysis and the top independent market player for credit management. It offers the most complete range of products and services used by around 34,000 businesses and financial institutions to assess the solvency and credit ratings of its business partners, monitor and manage credit risk through all its phases and accurately define marketing strategies.


Three business areas

Cerved responds to the needs of credit managers, financial directors, marketing managers, purchasing managers, sales managers and professionals through a wide range of services and products divided into three business areas:

  • Credit Information: provides for the collection, processing and distribution of commercial, accounting, economic, financial and legal information.
  • Credit Management: works with solutions for the evaluation and management of credits.
  • Marketing Solutions: offers products and tools that can be accessed online, that meet basic marketing needs on a continuous basis.


Numbers of Cerved

313 million euro of turnover at  December 31, 2013

34.000 clients at December 31, 2014

1.236 employees at September 30, 2014

9.1 billion euro of assets under management at September 30, 2014

51 million of payment experiences collected


MARKAGAIN is a service offered by Cerved Credit Management launched for takes advantage of the best technical and commercial skills to manage luxury assets and goods both effectively and professionally.